not, Haku disappeared away from mid-heavens only leaving the brand new metal lover behind

not, Haku disappeared away from mid-heavens only leaving the brand new metal lover behind

Haku defeats Black Uitsualnemetia from the breaking the crystal one imprisons Kuon, she actually is hesitant at first due to their link to Uitsualnemetia which means Haku implies that he wishes this lady straight back from the their top given that men and women are waiting for their. Hence Kuon comes back so you can your. Haku carries Kuon out of the calamity just like the Ulthury and you may Karulau with the help of the brand new Oracle of the Chains secure the latest Ebony god permanently. Just like the everyone desired Kuon for her get back, she transforms straight back to your Haku saying thanks to him to possess preserving the woman and by not leaving her. The brand new Oracles of the Stores i (Haku) has descended through to the world, now enjoying regarding it.

Believe – Epilogue [ ]

Could it be assumed that Haku try establish by the time Kuon, now crowned as empress out of Tuskur, close to Empress Anju of Yamato, stated the fresh union regarding one another nations because they sit through to the some one just like the two of her or him now inheritated title out of Hakuowlo, the latest Light Lords. Haku now an effective deity, known both in places while the Onkami Uitsualnemetia (during the Tuskur) otherwise Onkami Onvitaikayan (in the Yamato), journey throughout the house helping people in need next to Ururuu and Saraana. He temporarily closes from the nearby the Kujyuri’s community where the guy very first came across Kuon. The latest village had been healing adopting the Basic Akuruka possibility, even with the provides delivered by the Money and you can Tuskur all of the month.

A kid whom forgotten the lady mothers for the war kept brand new village, believing that the lady parents was in fact back, nevertheless was still also risky adopting the a mess. Haku discover her and you may leftover this lady safe and led back into the new community, and his actions had been identified by people and then he try after known as the child in the white, Mashiro, that protected new community as is told through the child.

Sometime following the relationship away from Yamato and you will Tuskur; Kuon departs the girl regal responsibilities within the Tuskur owing to the woman masteries of incantation in addition to help of Kurou, to will get straight back on a holiday to track down Haku, and you can concludes during the basic community where she met passion Haku. She entertains a few of the college students regarding nearby mall once the innkeeper provides eating to the villagers. Kuon renders a newspaper rose for the very same child stored by Haku. Within inn, Kuon hears the storyline of Mashiro, the newest missing man while the rumour your White Goodness which saved the town. Kuon up coming became sure if lord Mashiro is basically Haku.

When you’re Kuon is asleep, she dreamed of Haku. She told Haku all posts that’s been happening and you will that everyone wishes him to come back. She woke upwards trying to go after Haku shortly after he requires the latest metal partner , She experienced frustated and you will saddened thought it had been simply only dream. All of a sudden, new landlady arrives from the to inform Kuon from the a miracle one happened: whenever she ran away from village’s landscaping considered spring time. She’s pleased by the impossible alter of your own weather in the an individual nights because snow has grown to become just about gone.

The newest landlady elizabeth of the. Following Kuon understands that you can find petals more the lady purse while the iron lover is gone. During the revelation it absolutely was besides only fantasy.

Haku requires Saranna and you can Ururuu as well as him

Haku says to the girl that he’s great in which he is on a quest very she has no to consider your. Kuon attempts to chase immediately after your, however, she decided not to disperse since the fantasy involved to finish. Kuon grins and says one to she is taking nearer to Haku and you will she won’t help him go the next time they see.

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