If you perform outstandingly in this job, you will earn an opportunity to be hired permanently

If you perform outstandingly in this job, you will earn an opportunity to be hired permanently

  1. Amazon chat support

There are 112 million subscribers on amazon, and the company is always in need of people to help them with the customer support aspect.

With this job, you will receive an iMac and headset to help you carry out the task

Your duty as an agent on this platform is to chat with customers through the company’s chat tools and help them meet their shopping needs and resolve their queries.

You can take this job as a part-time or seasonal job, and you can do them from the comfort of your home.

LiveWorld is one of those companies that pays you well to chat. With them, you can earn between $7.50 and $20.

You will be taking a position as their customer service agent to do some tasks like customer services, monitoring, engagement, and social media moderation.

Premium.Chat is a platform that allows experts to make money talking to people. It is even more comfortable for people with a large fan base on social media to get paid on this site.

You can get paid to chat per minute through live chat, and as an advisor or influencer, you can set your own rate.

To start, you need to create your profile on the platform. This profile is referred to as a Paid Chat Widget and will contain your necessary credentials, information on your personality, and what your followers will benefit from you.

As an influencer hoping to create a paid account, you can do that right now. The signup process is straightforward, and there is no setup cost or monthly subscription fees.

This site requires that people joining them must be from the United States, should have excellent research and communication skills, and should be able to give quick and correct answers to questions

Kgb is mostly concerned about enhanced information like consumer lending and directory assistance, and it pays people to answer questions through their messaging services.

You will earn $0.10 for every response you give and $0.05 for every validation response you get from their database.

Also, you need to pass their vetting process and show your social security number to prove that you are living in the United States.

Think of this job like the Amazon chat support, but now, with Apple. Apple’s At Home Advisors provides this job, and their role is to help customers resolve their technical queries.

Out of other jobs that just pay you to chat, this is one of the few that gives you a chance for legitimate career growth.

They offer chat services to different companies and help them take up phone calls from their customers to resolve queries. That is why they frequently hire call agents that will provide in-demand call center solutions to these companies.

You can work as a chat agent remotely and earn from $7 to $30 per talk time hour. So, if you have a lot of time on your hands to spend on the phone, work with Working Solutions.

On this site, clients ask questions on different fields, including medicine, engineering, law, technical assistance, and the rest, and the answers must be well Blued support researched and phrased.

The pay is dependent on the number of accepted answers you provide, and it ranges from $5 to $30 for each answer. You can withdraw with your PayPal account after you have earned up to $20.

Like the other chat firms, The Chat Shop provides call center services to companies and helps them take up their customer services, sales, and tech support roles.

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