There should be relationship between Light, Space and Speed and TIME

There should be relationship between Light, Space and Speed and TIME

Let us do the thought experiment once again. You take the photographs in a period 100 times less than x. One guy develops and another guy flips in the same speed. Will you expect to see the future since you see light, capture it, develop it and flip through it at a speed which is 100 times faster than light. This we have to think. What we are doing here is we take the shot at only place. Suppose you are taking the shot and covering y distance (which is the smallest distance know to humans). Do the same procedure as above. The next time do it at 100 times more than y. So you cover more distance than necessary and you end up taking the picture of the same place as before but faster. And that you arrive at some instant of time in the same place but you have reached there before light can reach the same place. You compete with time and take those photos before light can actually reach there.

The point I am making here is, Are you sure the past vanishes forever? Are you sure that the future cannot be seen in any instant? Its all a matter of travelling faster or slower than light. But how does this explain TIME? Humans have the capability to see the stars (past), its all a matter of seeing it faster than the event occurs. You have to witness the event before it takes place. If past of the stars vanishes you may never see the star or the reflection of it again. So past according to the star is the future existence of the star when you take at the instant of time you see here. If you continuosly see the star, that means there is a future for the star because you are seeing the past as a reflection of the future. The moment you think that the star has no future the past reflection vanishes and there is no future. So Past and future always coexist.

Maybe you would have increased the frequency of flip, thus increasing the clarity of the action

Let us take another bizarre thought. You thought of moving from place A to place B in some period of TIME. But if you go faster than light. You can actually see (standing from place B) yourself coming at a normal place from place A to B because you reached there before light reached place B.

When I mentiioned photos, I think there must be multiple universes which represent each of the frames captured. Its only that you see the flipbook. You are free to go to any frame or universe provided you have the infrastructure and the mindset. You are currently in a universe, say you are reading a book. In another universe you may be jogging. All these universe exists simultaneously. Its only that you move through the universes when you do some action and reach another universe later than light did. So TIME is not a constraint. Our mind is trained to see an object at a slightly lesser speed than light reaches there. You will find that you are doing the same thing over and over again at any particular universe.

If you cheat light you can actually move faster or go backward to any of the universes based on your preferences

So my friends to cut the discussion short and keep the rest to some of the later blogs, I would say TIME is not constrained andimmeasureable, but TIME exists. Maybe the world is already over and the universe does not exist at a far later instant right now, its only that we would see the reflections of it later on when we travel at a lesser speed than light and witness the event after it happens.

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